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TRAIL INFORMATION : Trails are maintained up to 60 inches wide

State Trail Information 

Sunrise Trail - Trail is open for all uses


Trails are usually scheduled to open each year, throughout the State, by May 15th. However, the weather, mud conditions of the trails, landowners, and local clubs make the deciding factor for this date to be either earlier or later. Please obey posted trail signs.  




Please check out our Facebook page for clubs who have provided trail information - 


I was just informed by a landowner in Frenchville that the trail that crosses their land will be closed. The trail will be blocked with trees according to the landowner. The trail is one that connects Airport Ave. to Starbarn Ave. Please seek an alternate trail until a solution to the problem is found. As a club, we will try to come up with trail options as soon as possible. Thanks for your cooperation.

Bob Marquis - President, Frenchville ATV Club



Message from Brian Bronson

Recreational Safety & Vehicle Coordinator
ATV Program
Division of Parks and Public Lands

The Aroostook Riders ATV Club St. Croix Trail is officially closed. All ATV trail signs have been removed and the Foresters from Irving Woodlands along with the Maine Warden Service have been notified. Anyone who uses this trail will be trespassing.





Flagstaff Area ATV Club - Western Maine

The landowner of Quill Hill scenic lookout is against ATV's but has given us permission to use his access road to the lookout area as long as we abide by his request which is 15 MPH, NO SPIN and vehicles have the right of way. If this request is not adhered to then it will be CLOSED completely -- "ABUSE IT WE LOSE IT"

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