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A.T.V. Maine Executive Board of Directors

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Position Title: Executive Board of Directors
Reports to: Board of Directors
Position Status: … Volunteer (Appointed/Voted)
Appointed by:
Term Limit:

General Qualifications:

• To protect the integrity of the organization.
• To attend all regional, annual, and any other meetings that the Executive Board deems necessary.
• Must have good leadership skills and the ability to delegate tasks.
• Must have excellent diplomatic and communication skills for the level of the position.
• Must be a self motivator.
• Must be a member of an A.T.V. Maine affiliated club.
• Must have basic computer skills.

The Executive Board of Directors will consist of Corporate Officers and Executive Officials.
The Executive Board of Directors will

1. Hire and define the job duties, as well as, set the compensation and benefits for all employees and

2. Adopt the policies that meet the objectives and goals of A.T.V. Maine as brought forward by the

3. Possesses the authority to hold an executive session meeting and require any official to attend any
meeting deemed necessary

a. These meetings can be called by the President
b. These meetings can be called by any three members of the Executive Board

4. Review, modify and approve the annual budget prepared by the Executive Director.

5. Approves public relations policies as developed by the Executive Director.

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