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You can sign up to be able to edit your club's page on the ATV Maine website, by updating officers, meetings and sponsors. There will only be the ability for one person per club. The request must come from a club officer.  If you have questions or comments, or would like to send some pictures for use on the site, you may send them to Thank you.

Dear Snowmobile and ATV Clubs - that experienced trail damage in the October 29-30th storm, 

Attached is a form for you to complete in order to provide a consolidated best guess estimate of costs associated with the October Wind/Rain Storm event (Form 7 pdf).  You should only be concerned with filling out the first page of form 7.  Returned the form via email or fax (287-8111) to this office by 9:00 AM on Thursday November 9th. 

We will most likely need back up data later.  Please keep track of expenses. 

We understand this is short notice, do the best you can.  Thank you for your assistance and cooperation. 


Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry

Bureau of Parks and Land

Off-Road Recreational Vehicle Division

 Link to PDF Forms for download.
Damage Asssessment Letter PDF         Form 7 Supporting documents PDF
Governmental Relations Coordinator
Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator
Southern Region VP
Eastern Region VP                            ~ if interested email or call 207-754-2843
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