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P.O. Box 923

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Thorndike Trail Blazers ATV Club

Thorndike Trail Blazers ATV Club

257 Stagecoach Road
Unity, ME 04988

Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, at 7 p.m., Unity House of Pizza, Main Street, Unity

Trails are located in Thorndike, Unity, and Troy

Waldo County


2016 - 2017 Member

Contact Thorndike Trail Blazers ATV Club

Jason Johnson   207-992-4714

Vice President:
Charlene Jeranka   207-314-5340

Dave Foster   207-633-0670

Holly Parker   207-323-3409

Trail Master:
Tom Badger   904-335-1253

ATV Maine Director:
Jason Johnson   207-992-4714

ATV Maine Alternate Director:
Charlene Jeranka   207-314-5340

S & T Landscaping & Construction

18 Bangor Road - Unity, ME 04988 904-335-1253

Mobile Entertainment Solutions

403 Lang Hill Hwy - Brooks, ME 04921 207-323-3409

Varney Agency

PO Box 168 - Unity, ME 04988 207-948-5171

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