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P.O. Box 923

Augusta, ME 04332


Aroostook Riders ATV Club

Aroostook Riders ATV Club

PO Box 1224
Houlton, ME 04730

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at the CLA Career Enhancement Ctr next to TD Bank in Downtown Houlton

Meeting location change for September 5th.  45 Millbrook RD The meeting will be held at linneus Snow Sports Clubhouse at 630 pm 



Trails are located in Amity, Cary, Hodgdon, Houlton, Linneus, Littleton, Monticello, and Weston

Aroostook County



2017 - 2018 Member

Contact Aroostook Riders ATV Club

Todd Cameron   207-538-1074

Vice President:
Daniel Geiger   207-532-4338

Kim Drake   207-694-4688

Gary Glebus   207-227-1991

Trail Master:
Robert Hannigan   207-694-0209

ATV Maine Director:
Todd Cameron   207-538-1074

ATV Maine Alternate Director:
Daniel Geiger   207-532-4338

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