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P.O. Box 923

Augusta, ME 04332


Narraguagus ATV Club

Narraguagus ATV Club

PO Box 453
Cherryfield, ME 04622

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month - April through October

Trails are located in Cherryfield, Deblois, Beddington, Harrington, Columbia, and Columbia Falls

Washington County


2016 - 2017 Member

Contact Narraguagus ATV Club

Philip Worcester   207-483-4402

Vice President:

John Burkett   207-483-4795

Gayle Corliss   207-546-0362

Harold Stoddard   207-546-3807

Trail Master:
Kelcy Yeaton   207-546-2381

ATV Maine Director:
Harold Stoddard   207-546-3807

ATV Maine Alternate Director:
Kelcy Yeaton   207-546-2381

Pleasant River Drive-In

162 Ridge Road - Addison, ME 04606 207-483-2326

C.H. Matthews Store

141 Main Street - Cherryfield, ME 04622 207-546-2601

Kelcy's Burner Service

103 Stillwater Road - Cherryfield, ME 04622 207-546-2381

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